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It was in the fall of 1902, when all that was called Woodcliff consisted of a few houses east of what is now Broadway and 75th street.  75th Street was the main thoroughfare and consisted of a dirt road.  Practically all of the property west of Hudson Avenue between 75th Street and the park was a wilderness.  Woodcliff Reformed Church, started out as a home ministry.  Sunday School was held for the first time in the cottage occupied by Mr. Charles Rollins on what we believe is now 139-73rd Street.  After the numbers grew, Sunday School classes were moved the Woodcliff Public School or what is now known as Robert Fulton.

In the fall of 1903, excavation began for what is now the present site of our church building.  The original building consisted of the main Sanctuary, boiler room and an auditorium under the Sanctuary.  The ground for the original portion of this church was donated by Woodcliff Land & Improvement Company and the building was erected by the State Baptist Association.  Woodcliff remained under the auspices of the Baptist association until 1906 when Woodcliff became part of the Reformed Church in America.  At this point, Woodcliff became a chapel of the Grove Reformed Church.  In 1909, running short on funds and realizing the new space for the Sunday School building weren't big enough, several members and children from the church worked with picks and shovels to excavate the area for the new Sunday School building.  In 1911, Woodcliff Reformed Church became its own independent church organization.  The first week-night prayer meeting was held on January 23rd 1913.  In 1916, alterations and new construction were completed on the "Church Hall" or Sunday School building.  In 1919, our organ was installed in memory of Joel Horton.  In 1919, the parsonage, or Pastors home, was completed.





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